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Team Members

John Doll  LRRS/CCS Expert #29  email: john dot doll at


John Doll2008 marked my eigth season of racing. After a number of mechanical setbacks in 2007, I was happy to have a solid year in 2008, finishing 4th in the LRRS 125 GP championship with four podium results. I only narowly missed out on 3rd place in the Championship, despite missing the first two weekends of the season with work commitments. In 2008 I came to terms with the new Tigcraft chassis, making a few geometry changes and turning in my second best Loudon race lap with a 1:20.003 in the early September 125 GP race.

I also had the opportunity to ride a Honda RS250 and RS125 this year and had a great deal of fun on the two-strokes. In fact, on September 28, in my first day ever riding a 125, I managed to put the Honda on the box, with a second place finish in the expert 125 GP race. Most importantly, in 2008 I got back to having a lot of fun at the racetrack, and I can't wait for 2009 to begin.

John in turn 2 at NHIS, Aug 2008 Personal Info:

Age: 32

Height, Weight: 6'3", 185lbs.

Current race bikes:
2006 Tigcraft MiniMono

1999 Honda RS250

First Bike: 1988 Honda XR-100;

First Street Bike: 1971 Honda CB-350

Occupation: Teacher and Coach at The Dana Hall School

Other activities: Hiking, ice & rock climbing

photo by: John Owens

Lesley Dalrymple Doll    LRRS/CCS Novice #575
email: lesley dot doll at


Lesley Doll Lesley is an earth science and math teacher at the Dana Hall School in Wellsley MA.  She first began riding on the street in 2000. After watching John race for several years and riding at track days, she began racing a Honda RS125 in 2007.

Lesley completed a successful 2008 season with two wins in the Novice 125 GP class, and several podiums in Novice Light Weight GP. She came close to her 2008 time goal, but fell a few tenths short of breaking into the 20's, with a best lap time of 1:30.3 at NHIS. When not riding, she also enjoys hiking and climbing. She's played almost every sport available, including women's football where, as quarterback, she led her team to the 1997 season championship. She coaches Middle School Softball at Dana Hall, where her teams have been 29-4 over the past fours years. She also plays in a women's fastpitch league in Newton Mass., where her team won the 2008 championship with only one loss.

Lesley exiting turn 6 at NHIS, 2008
photo by: John Owens

Lesley and John were married in July 2002. Their honeymoon consisted of riding their MZs to the North West tip of Newfoundland. They now live on-campus at the Dana Hall School in Wellesley, MA.

Lesley and John on the Cabbot Trail in Nova Scotia, July 2002